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The Chicken Thief - BĂ©atrice Rodriguez Someone please explain this book to me. It is so bizarre!My son brought this book home from his school library yesterday. When I opened it and saw there were no words I thought "Oh cool, we can make up the story as we go along". We used to love reading [b:Good Night, Gorilla|773276|Good Night, Gorilla|Peggy Rathmann|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347227009s/773276.jpg|2992071]. So I "read" it to myself, and I realized I had no idea what was supposed to be happening in this crazytown book.When it came time to read this book with my son I told him there were no words so he could just look at the pictures and tell me what he thinks is happening. My son: "I don't know what is happening". I don't either.So I tell my son the very disturbing story that is The Chicken Thief. A fox comes into a backyard gathering of animal friends and nabs a chicken. The fox goes running through the woods with the hen all the while closing her beak so she can't scream out. The chicken's friends go off chasing after the fox to save the chicken. A couple of days go by (and pages of increasing weirdness) until the chicken and the fox wind up falling in love in the oddest display of children's literature what the fuckery I've seen since reading [b:Love You Forever|310259|Love You Forever|Robert N. Munsch|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348832754s/310259.jpg|277308].I tried to make this story cute for my kid last night, but today I feel the overwhelming urge to make double sure my son knows it is not OK to be abducted. What kind of picture book is this?