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I Travel by Night - Robert R. McCammon I Travel by Night is a new novella from Robert McCammon. Picture me dancing as I say that.My feelings regarding I Travel by Night can be summed up with this statement: I need more Trevor Lawson!I need, need, need more Trevor Lawson. If you didn't read the book description, Trevor Lawson is the gunslinging vampire in I Travel by Night.Speaking of gunslinging, did you notice I Travel by Night was illustrated by Michael Whelan? I've been a huge fan of Michael Whelan since before even reading Stephen King's The Gunslinger (which he also illustrated).But I digress. Let's get back to Trevor Lawson. As much as I loved reading I Travel by Night, it felt more like a prequel - only the beginning - to something awesome. OK, I'm off to Google. I can't stand not knowing!Thank God:The most recent novella, I Travel by Night: are we going to see some more adventures for Trevor Lawson?Yes we are. I’ve got the next one on the drawing board, but I’m not sure exactly when I’m going to get to it. We’re going to do some more – two more, I know. The next one is totally different.And keeping the sidekick?Yes, we’re going to go with that.Two more! That's an excerpt from a recent Sci-Fi Bulletin interview with McCammon.I Travel by Night is a novella weighing in at 152 pages so I can't say much about the actual story without spoiling it. I obviously loved the characters so I'm ecstatic they will be back.The Louisiana swamp setting was awesome. I think that bears repeating. The vampires were in the swamp.If you've never read McCammon, please do. I don't care which one. If you like creatures of the night, if you like adventuring gunslingers, if you want a taste of McCammon, pick this one. I can't possibly recommend an author higher than McCammon, and I Travel by Night was a great read.