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Full Dark, No Stars - Stephen King I love how Stephen King can make me squirm, shiver, and laugh out loud all at the same time.1922 was my favorite of all four stories.  It was dark, it was gross, and it was highly entertaining.  King paints a vivid picture you don't want to see, but can't take your eyes off of.All of the stories in Full Dark, No Stars are human horrors.  Big Driver delves into the human emotion of rape, and it was definitely the most uncomfortable tale for me.  I had a harder time letting myself enjoy this one.Fair Extension explores making a deal with the devil.  What would be darker than making a deal with the devil?  Making a deal and actually enjoying the consequences.  I enjoyed the unexpected on this one.I listened in on an interview Stephen King did regarding Full Dark, No Stars, and he mentioned there being a screenplay for A Good Marriage.  That would be fantastic.  I loved this story.  As a devoted wife I could relate to the trust the main character had in her husband, but at the same time there was this voice "You have to go through that box.  You can't just let it go.  It will eat at you.  Somethings not right here!"  This tale made my heart race.I really enjoyed this collection.  Humans are down right scary.