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Requiem - If you aren't familiar with the Delirium trilogy, Requiem is the third and final book. In the Delirium series, love is a disease and the folks in the books have a procedure done to be cured from amor deliria nervosa (love).As I stated in my review of the first book, Delirium, love isn't just about the romantic love between two people. It's the love of friends, the love of hobbies, the love of the small details as well as the large.Like most dystopian books, there is a lot of suspense, darkness, and conflict in this series. Good times (for the reader). The second book was kind of lackluster for me, but the ending... oh, the ending. I'm not normally a fan of the cliffhanger, but I did love the ending to Pandemonium. I needed Requiem after that ending!Thus, I've been waiting and waiting to read Requiem which you know if you follow my blog. I hoped Requiem would pick up just seconds after Pandemonium, but I was very pleased with how Requiem began. In fact I was pleased with most of Requiem. I'd seen the low ratings. I'd read some of the spoiler free reviews. I was happy I was loving it so much because my expectations were no longer high.Once I reached the end of Requiem, however, I understood all too well why this book was not well received. My poor hubby had to hear so much bitching from me last night. My main beef with this book (and the entire series I have devoted so much time toward) was there was no ending. No ending, no resolutions. I'm all for literature that makes me think. I have no problem when things are left up to my imagination, but when you leave the actual story up to my imagination, I feel robbed.I feel robbed.2 stars: One star because I thought I was going to love it, and one star for Hana.